Pima Heart and Vascular Don’t let leg pain and swelling control how you live and feel. These symptoms can be a warning sign of something more serious, like vascular disease.

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    Common Symptoms

    Common Symptoms Do you experience any of the following symptoms?

    • Leg pain with exercise such as walking or stair climbing
    • Sores or wounds that will not heal
    • Shiny skin/ hair loss on the legs
    • Pale discoloration of legs
    • Pain at rest requiring you to dangle the foot for relief
    • Decreased pulses

    What Are My Risk Factors? Risk Factors for vascular disease

    • Tobacco use
    • Diabetes
    • High blood pressure
    • High cholesterol
    • Overweight/obesity
    • Kidney disease
    • Over 50 years old
    Risk Factors

    Conditions We Treat We also provide individualized, expert treatment for:

    • Peripheral Arterial Disease
    • Aneurysms
    • Carotid Artery Disease
    • Critical Limb Ischemia
    • Deep Venous Reflux
    • Deep Vein Thrombosis
    • Dialysis Access

    Vascular Care

    Our vascular surgeons diagnose, treat and manage conditions of your arteries and veins. We treat a range of health problems, from varicose veins to life-threatening aneurysms, and help patients manage chronic conditions.

    Physicians & Providers

    At Pima Heart and Vascular, our expert and highly trained physicians are dedicated to the treatment and care of arterial and venous disease. Through continued research and innovative treatment methods, our vascular surgeons provide comprehensive care and superior outcomes.

    Innovative Treatments

    Our physicians are specialists in advanced treatments providing innovative endovascular procedures that are focused on limb salvage, which can help prevent amputation.

    Comprehensive Care for Your Vital Vascular Needs If you live with symptoms of vascular disease, our experts are here to help.

    Our board-certified physicians have dedicated their lives to the prevention and treatment of vascular disease. We provide many treatment options to improve your quality of life. Most of our procedures are office-based, allowing for unmatched individualized care with vascular surgeons and their team.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where are your offices located?

    We have multiple offices conveniently located throughout southern Arizona. One of our medical professionals will schedule you with the best doctor and location for you.

    How do I schedule an appointment?

    Call us at (520) 838-3540 or fill out the form above. We have a number of appointment options available to you including in-person and telehealth services.

    What are your hours of operation?

    Our Vascular offices are open from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

    What do I need for my appointment?

    Once you request an appointment, a representative will contact you and describe what you will need to bring with you to your appointment.

    What COVID precautions are in place?

    For patients coming into the clinic, we are triaging every person by assessing risk factors and taking temperatures upon entry. Universal masking is required. Our lobbies are open with limited seating to practice social distancing. Patients have the option to wait in their cars or outside until their appointment begins. Pima Heart and Vascular also offers the option of virtual telehealth appointments, so you can meet with a physician from the comfort and safety of home.

    Feel better. Live better. Meet with our team for comprehensive cardiovascular care.

    Our board-certified physicians care for patients in clinics and through virtual telemedicine visits. From diagnostic testing to office-based procedures and more, we are here for your vital vascular care needs.

    About Pima Heart & Vascular: Pima Heart & Vascular is the largest locally owned and operated cardiovascular practice in Arizona. Its board-certified and board-eligible physicians specialize in general, interventional, and structural cardiology, electrophysiology, cardiothoracic surgery and vascular surgery. With convenient clinic locations throughout Tucson and Southern Arizona, our physicians also provide services in our Vascular Lab, Vein Center, Ambulatory Surgery Center and at most area hospitals.

    **If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911**